About Us

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We are UK-based bloggers capturing editing and distributing videos and photos of Food, Fashion, Museums, Travel, Technology and Fun.

Like this Glasswing butterfly which is beautiful, clear and transparent, we believe the content creation experience should be the same.

Our content appears across our social media pages, primarily Facebook and Twitter – where we target professionals working in London – and we have showcased some of our favourite items on our website.

Travel is by far our most popular genre and by end of 2018 we had been on 80 trips across Europe, Africa and Asia – typically with at least one presenter and one videographer, allowing us to create destination videos people love to watch.

In addition to creating content for our own audiences on Facebook and Twitter, when combined with distribution with our partners platforms who enjoy sharing our content, we reach well over 800,000 views per month.

Every photo or video that appears on our platform is captured by someone on our team, meaning that all of our content is unique, reflecting our creativity and perspective on the stories and experiences that we digitise.

Like what you see? Have a launch, event, exhibition, activity or business you would like to promote? Do get in touch, perhaps we can create something wonderful with you Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 19.27.11.png