The Unexpected

Easter in East London: Doughnuts & Edible Wall Paper

Happy Easter! We begin with a doughnut decorating class with Vicky from Vicky's Doughnuts. This is followed by a delightful lunch at The Jones Family Project, the squid was great, the ribeye steak delicious and the hazelnut chocolate brownie simply wowzers! That set the scene back at The Hoxton where we finished the day by making our very own edible wallpaper, inspired by Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. - No bunnies in sight but what a day. Have a fab weekend!

Walker Stalker London - The Living Dead

Neither Dr Shagufta nor I have watched The Walking Dead. But after a few hours surrounded by zombies, I'm going to have to catch up! Walker Stalker Con runs in London over the weekend, here's a glimpse, including a peek at star Norman Reedus who was very patient with the throngs of fans!

Colour Changing Flowers

Happy Valentines Day! - Bompas & Parr deliver another fabulous experience, colour changing flowers! Our video features two flowers that are set alight, and as they cool they return to their original shade. My favourite however is the lily which is treated in a way that it changes colour. Watch the video and learn more about the world's first colour changing flowers!

Air Freshners At The Apocalypse

So, the end of the world is here. You're driving around in your car. But something is missing. The smell isn't quite right. See what Bompas & Parr helped deliver for that journey with their fragrant, end of the world air fresheners!

Fountain Of Youth Party

Celebrating the launch of Bompas & Parr's new book at the Fountain Of Youth Party :) - Keep an eye out for Godzilla!

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