Discovering Liege

Opening with a few bloopers, we begin our video with one of Belgium's best chocolatiers, Benoit Nihant before heading into Liege's famous Sunday market which meanders along the river. We then meet the most famous waffle maker in the city before stopping in a park to eat some where we encounter a local. Moments later we head to the phenomenal practical work of art that is Liege train station before looking up the very long corridor of Spanish Steps *gulp.*


Searching for a bite to eat we happen upon a brewery offering beer ice cream, but as neither of us drink, we find a 'small' ice cream elsewhere to enjoy. Stopping to see three of the cities museums we bump into another local, a skateboarder who shares his views before heading off to discover one of the 7 wonders of Belgium.


We close with a brief stop off at Franchi, a famous ice-cream parlours, a glimpse of some dining in Liege, and acknowledging the aquarium. Enjoy :)

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