Halal Wagyu at Benihana

When we discovered that Benihana in London offer an Australian Wagyu option which is Zabiha (adhering to Islamic principles and slaughtered by a Muslim), we had to give it try. Our 90 second video shares a glimpse of the wagyu menu option: wagyu beef served with wagyu fried rice. There were also a selection of starters including miso soup, a salad, tempura, sushi, salmon and black cod. A wondrously filling meal for the three of us!

Skyr Launches in London

Nutritionist Fiona Campbell talks about the health benefits of Skyr Yogurt, the Prime Minister of Iceland shares his excitement with anecdotes, and Michelin Starred chef Aggi Sverrisson talks about adding Skyr to his menu at Texture Restaurant. - A healthy and interesting video, enjoy :)

Benihana Wagyu Festival

The Wagyu Festival at Benihana brings the highest quality meat - Grade A5 - to your table. Available as a wagyu steak set which includes an onion soup, a salad, a pawn appetizer and some vegetables. You can also try Wagyu sushi and Wagyu tatami, though as one of our co-reviewers does not eat meat, she was served beautfully prepared salmon and black cod. For an unexpected, delicious and entertaining Wagyu hit, try Benihana :)

British Museum Of Food

At the launch of the British Museum of Food which includes a number of interactive exhibitions, we feature the Butterfly Effect which is designed to teach us about the importants of butterflies a pollinators. Have a look and get a taste of what's on offer.

UK Pastry Open 2015

The UK Pastry Open took place at The Restaurant Show featuring six of the countries leading chefs - Florian Poirot, Chris Zammit, John Costello, Dale DeSimone, Chris Seddon and Joakin Prat - the opportunity to represent the UK at the Coupe du monde de la patisserie in Lyon 2016. Well done to all who entered :)

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