Great British Savoury Chocolate Challenge 2016

April 21st is the Queen’s official birthday. At the launch of the Great British Savoury Chocolate Challenge we discovered a special chocolate made by Iain Burnett, the Highland Chocolatier, celebrating her 90th.There’s a cheese and chocolate pairing. We discover macarons made by Sylvia & Terrt chocolates in the Royal colours. And finally, bacon chocolate. Yes, you read that right. For those who eat bacon, It’s a thing!

Chocolate Show London 2015

In two parts, we open with the Chocolate Fashion Show - with chocolate dresses! - we hear backstage and meet some of the chocolatiers, models, even get a few tips from the make-up team. The second half focuses on the different exhibitors and their chocolate offerings which include, almonds from Pakistan, Kosher and Halal options, artisans who prepare without emulsifiers, superfood truffles, and cute chocolate cats. Due to time constrains we missed many of the chocolatiers e.g. Lauren chocolates whose stand was so busy we couldn’t interview their founder! We close the video with a song from The Spice Boys, enjoy

Chocolate Tasting Menu COCAO

The Chocolate Show with support of the Great British Spiced Chocolate Challenge hosted a Chocolate Tasting Menu at Cacao, a pop-up restaurant, where the menu was created by executive chef Adam Thomason and sous chef Mark Pocock. Enjoy, we did! :)

Ramsbottom Chocolate Festival 2015

A glimpse of the Ramsbottom Chocolate Festival. We've covered chocolate events in London, Paris and Brussels, but nothing prepares you for an entire town coming together to deliver a chocolate weekend. From chocolate sausages, chocolate cheese, to even chocolate soaps, and so much more. Simply fantastic!

Salon Du Chocolat Brussels 2015

The stunning chocolate dress fashion show at 2015 Salon du Chocolat in Brussels.

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