Geneva Motor Show 2016

A glimpse of the Geneva Motor Show 2016 by IB photographer Dr Farhana who also happens to be a car designer. Gorgeous lines, curves and angles!

Mercedez-Benz F015 Concept Car

A few words with Peter Lehmann, chief engineer of the Mercedes-Benz F015 Luxury in Motion autonomous vehicle (yes, it drives itself!) at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. Over 2.5 mins Peter talks us through some of the car’s features, including calling the car to pick you up via a mobile app. This was also the first time I’ve had a nap in a $20m + car, which is ok, as it can actually drive itself!

Classic Car Show London 2016

Bringing together some fantastic (and expensive) cars, the Classic Car Show began on Thursday and included a panel hosted by Suzi Perry, featuring amongst others, rally car legend Ari Vatanen, Gordon Murray, the designer of the McLaren F1, and our home-grown formula one driver Jenson Button. Watch our 2 min video to hear what they had to say, including Jenson’s love-hate relationship with classic cars ;)

NB Subtitles have ben added on account of the poor sound.

Brussels Motor Show 2016

A brief glimpse of the Brussels Motor Show where we show cars as well as concept cars from the following manufacturers: Ferrari, Lambourghini, BMW, Range Rover, Mercedes, Lexus, Renault, Nissan, Peugeot, Alpha Romeo, Maserati, Tesla, McLaren, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Bentley ,Ferrari and VW. A big thank you to the Isuzu (Taiko) drummers who let me join them :)


Brussels is also home to the Michelin Star WY Restaurant which is actually inside a car showroom! What better way to enjoy a car show than to also enjoy fine dining in a car showroom! Enjoy :)

Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

Beautiful car detail by IB photographer Dr Farhana Safa at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Enjoy :)

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