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Christmas Unwrapped Afternoon Tea

Chef Ashley introduces the Christmas Unwrapped Afternoon Tea at the Intercontinental on Park Lane. We also gain insight from Luigi who talks us through a couple of the tea infusions to compliment the dessert.


In addition to the traditional tea, the hotel also provide a halal option where instead of pork ‘Pigs in blanket’ they use halal lamb, and the desserts we enjoyed were without gelatine and without alcohol. A seasonally spectacular Afternoon Tea catering for all dietary requirements, superb.


Annette Messager's Calais Exhibitions

Shazia Boucher shares a taste of the well-known French artist Annette Messager’s exhibitions in Calais, France. One can be seen at the Fine Art Museum (Musee des Beaux Arts), while the other at the Lace Museum (Cite internationale de la Dentelle et de la Mode). We finish the video with a glimpse of the Leavers Lace Machine which was smuggled in pieces from England to France, inspiring the region of Calais to become a world leader in a lacemaking - simply superb!

Dr Who Festival 2015

A glimpse of the Dr Who Festival where IB photographer and presenter Shagufta has an encounter with a Dalek and then meets a Cyberman playing hard to get. Enjoy, we did :)


Egypt Faith After The Pharaohs

Curator Elisabeth O’Connell introduces the British Museum's exhibition: Egypt Faith After The Pharaohs. Our video includes an insight to how Christianity came to Egypt, how many temples were recycled - including an Islamic monument reuse for a gravestone, details of 'black magic,' where many appealed to any and every 'God' to fulfil their charms, and taste of the Cairo Genizah showing the strong relationship between Muslims, Christians and Jews, demonstrating multiculturalism at its best. Enjoy! :)

Benihana Wagyu Festival

The Wagyu Festival at Benihana brings the highest quality meat - Grade A5 - to your table. Available as a wagyu steak set which includes an onion soup, a salad, a pawn appetizer and some vegetables. You can also try Wagyu sushi and Wagyu tatami, though as one of our co-reviewers does not eat meat, she was served beautfully prepared salmon and black cod. For an unexpected, delicious and entertaining Wagyu hit, try Benihana :)

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